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The Frontier Bushcraft Tree and Plant Identification Masterclass was established by Paul Kirtley in 2013 and was first offered to his students in 2014.

This was a groundbreaking online course which surpassed both Paul’s and the student’s expectation.

It might seem absurd now but back then there was a considerable amount of scepticism about the potential efficacy of online learning in the bushcraft space.

The impressive positive results the early-adopting students gained from the first version of the Tree and Plant Identification Masterclass dispelled any scepticism.

Even now, the completion rate in online courses in general is very low. For the Tree and Plant Identification Masterclass, it has always been high, and remains so.

Many hundreds of students have recognised the potential benefits of taking up the course; even more so, once in the course, they have been motivated to complete it and gain as much from the materials it contains, as possible.

This website used to be the portal to the course but it has in more recent years been housed in onlinebushcraftcourses.com along with Paul Kirtley’s other online training courses.

The Tree and Plant Identification Masterclass has been expanded and improved every year since it was first instigated. It remains the original and best in its class.

It is the most comprehensive botanical training course for those interested in bushcraft and survival skills.

You can still find some basic information here as well as links to the current information on the latest iteration of the course.

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