Online Learning Has Come Of Age…

You Are Not Alone…

Every year since we started offering the first version of this course in 2013, we have been joined by an increasing number of students at each intake. At first many were sceptical about online learning. Now the general consensus is that online learning is a valuable conduit to learning. In some spheres that were traditionally taught face-to-face, online learning is becoming the central mode of delivery, even in universities.

When you join this course, you will certainly not be alone!

Below is feedback from students enjoying the early modules of the programme…

“Hi Paul great start to the course so far!” – Simon

“Hi Paul, I have been for a walk in the local park today. It is amazing how trees have become more identifiable and I hadn’t realised how lucky I am with the different trees in the park.” – Stuart

“Thank you for your great effort. Up to now this plant ID masterclass is exactly what I was looking for. Lots of relevant and high-quality content, as with all your shared information.” – Michael

“Great pics and commentary Paul. I am totally engrossed in what you are teaching. Just wish I could devote my entire week to it.” – Violet

“Great stuff, I look forward to the rest of the course. Very excited to see how much I can learn from this, not just in a basic this plant is this etc. But in the whole way I think when it comes to finding and identifying resources. This may be just the help I need to give myself a structure to carry on learning. Exactly what I hoped for.” – Liam

“I enjoyed that first instalment Paul, and knowing how much energy and effort goes into training sessions I have to say well done. Looking forward to the rest…” – Neil

“I think I’m going to need a huge notebook for all the things I want to remember as there’s so much to take in already. Looking forwards to learning loads. ” – Helen

“Paul, this is so exciting… much thanks to have put this class together.” – Danielle

“Hi Paul, Thank you for this. I am going to get this out of the way from the start otherwise I think I’m going to be repeating myself too often. You know your stuff. You know how to explain your stuff. You are clear. I really value this. Thank you for your generosity in sharing it/passing it on.” – Eric

“Paul, I am impressed! The presentation is overflowing with information…It is essential to have all this knowledge presented in such a structured way so that we can start fitting it together without necessarily remembering all the Latin names.” – James

“A good start, I’ve already learnt something (several things actually) and I like that we are learning something about how we’re going to learn. I always do better when I understand why I’m being taught what I’m being taught. Structure is helpful. Can’t wait to get stuck-in now!” – Steve

“Starting to see the small details that distinguish one variety from another, some details between the family members are very subtle, so trying to spot the subtlest of differences.” – Cyril

“Very enjoyable, very useful and already I am becoming more systematic in the way in which I (attempt) to identify different species. Must stop looking at trees when I’m cycling alongside the guided busway though…” – Mark

“Happy to be joining this course! Imagine where we’ll stand in a year’s time. Great work, Paul” – Carl

“I’m absolutely loving this, some stuff I know, a lot I don’t, filling many gaps!” – Brian